An earthquake in Spain, with its epicenter in an area with licenses for fracking!

23 Feb
An earthquake in Spain, with its epicenter in an area with licenses for fracking!


Instituto Geográfico Nacional de España – CNIG

El Instituto Geográfico Nacional informa que el día 23 de febrero a las 17 horas 16 minutos
(hora local peninsular), ha ocurrido un terremoto localizado en las siguientes coordenadas:
Latitud: 39.04 grados norte
Longitud: 2.65 grados oeste
Profundidad: 10 km
Zona epicentral: NE OSSA DE MONTIEL.AB

Si ha sentido el terremoto, por favor, rellene el cuestionario macrosísmico:…/l…/…

Más informacion en:
Página web terremoto:…

Twitter Sismología:



Concessions fracking “ESTEROS” Y “ALAMORADA” very near the epicenter … And if they would be running the fracking wells now?
Seismic surveys have been carried out (I do not have data)




“Un terremoto de 5,2 grados en la escala Richter se ha notado en el interior de laprovincia de Albacete, según datos del Instituto Geográfico Nacional (su página web está caída pero informa a través de Twitter). Según datos de instituto alemán Geofon el epicentro se encuentra a siete kilómetros de la población de Ossa de Montiel, en las cercanías de las Lagunas de Ruidera, y ha tenido una profundidad de 14,8 kilómetros.

El terremoto se ha sentido en varias poblaciones de Albacete, Madrid, Murcia, Cartagena, con grados de intensidad III, definida como débil-moderada, según el instituto de terremotos estadounidese.

En 2012 la sociedad Oil and Gas Capital logró tres permisos de fracking de la Junta de Castilla-La Mancha. Uno de ellos en la comarca de Montiel, en la zona donde se ha producido el terremoto. La sociedad presentó dichas solicitudes al Gobierno autonómico en 2011, que adoptó la resolución positiva el 26 de julio de 2012. Se trata de tres proyectos denominados s Esteros, Almorada y Nava en donde tienen permisos de investigación por un periodo de seis años.”


In Spain there are projects in sensitive regions such as Murcia, ALBACETE, Jaén and Córdoba…

On January 22, 2014, the European Commission decided to regulate the exploitation of gas by fracturing rocks with water injections. The fracking was free reign in Europe. Almost virgin territory yet, the continent had pioneered states such as Poland, with 40 already open and commercial exploitation wells planned for 2015 and others that advertise hundreds of sites, and in the countryside of Britain.

In Spain there are over 120 exploration permits granted or pending. Grow some fracking rush, without knowing for sure the consequences that can cause these wells. Since the United States began to arrive examples of what is involved quench thirst based energy use water to extract fuel.

Environmental groups have long warned that fracking has risks of contamination of aquifers. To this is now added a study demonstrating the danger posed by this practice in areas with water shortages due to the large consumption of water demand. As the life of wells progresses require more water. And just for maintenance, not to follow based rock thousands of feet deep. It is a abultadísimo consumption collides with the water needs that may exist in the territories where the activity is implemented.

The search for gas trapped in shale rock has not yet significantly perforated European soil. Which itself is unleashed fever gas is in the United States, where farms multiply. So the consequences of this controversial extraction method are showing before in America.

The CERES organization has made the first analysis of the “growing demand for water from hydraulic fracturing operations.” And the first thing is demonstrated is that energy companies do not ponder much the area that are implanted for gas and consequent massive use of water. Of the 39,000 US analyzed herein wells nearly half from 2011 open areas are at “high or extremely high water stress”.

Furthermore, in 55% of cases affected populations living in drought drilling. Well known for its dry as Texas, Colorado or part of California regions account for over 90% of open fracking wells in areas with very high water deficiencies.


The earthquake forced to evacuate a hospital in Cuenca.


However, the seismological center of Germany’s European and have lowered the intensity of this earthquake, below 5: 4.6 and 4.7 respectively. Finally, the US Seismological Service has placed on level 5. The earthquake has affected the towns of Ossa de Montiel, Villarobledo, Socuellamos and Tomelloso. And the epicenter was located 85 kilometers from Albacete and 176 kilometers from Madrid, where this earthquake is specially sense.
Different geological surveys have not specified the exact depth, although it is believed to have been rather superficial according to initial estimates are still tentative.

A neighbor of Ossa de Montiel has commented on the SER that “it is a little shocked, not knowing very well that happened.” “I heard a noise and I felt a tremor, as the house moved. All we have alerted my father, my mother …” he commented.

— “When I heard that, the first thing that came to my mind is earthquake, but apparently did not see any kind of destruction,” he reiterated. The National Police have confirmed that there was a “small earthquake” that “has hit the downtown area” of the country”.

 Following the earthquake, the Recollect Hospital of Cuenca are being evicted as reported by Emergency Service 112. Recoletas Hospital, part of the hospital group of the same name, is located about 170 km from town of Ossa de Montiel. According to sources consulted by SER Castilla-La Mancha, 100 people have been displaced by activation of the security protocol.
112 sources have suggested that the moment is unknown whether they have caused damage in Castilla-La Mancha, which has been felt in most provinces.
Among the recent earthquakes that have rocked Spain highlights that struck the town of Murcia Lorca in 2011.
                                                                  Development ministry statement.
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